Damsel in distress

Damsel in distress!
Damsel in distress!
A phrase that people associated her with.
Always in problems,
always in need of rescue.
Her whole life she felt caged by a curse,
cure to which she wished she knew.

They told her there would be no prince.
And she was no princess.
Neither did she live in castle
Nor did she have beauty unrivaled and flawless.
Instead what she did have was
buckets full and sometimes more than she could chew.

Everybody thought her misfortunate
She knew,
They believed,
if she were the Cinderella
they would have found
Hundred girls before her who fit the shoe.
Even her knights in shining armour
always had their price.
Her every “could be prince “would turn to frog
Before she could even kiss them good night.

So everyone left her alone with her misfortunes.
In her story,
There were no knights,princes or heroes.
And certainly no declarations of love unconditional and true!
But they couldn’t see,
what she lacked in beauty and grace
She made up for with her inner strength!

Even though she was always labeled clumsy and damsel in distress,
She loved herself.
Believed herself to be no less than a princess.
With an invisible crown,
For all the time she had picked herself off the ground,
Dusted her shoulders and walked right on.
For all the time she didn’t give up
but fought hard for what she deserved.
She had to be, she believed.
If not a princess of beauty
then her equal,
She was a warrior in the making!

Little by little with perseverance
she built her own kingdom.
For even though she was clumsy and there were many obstacles,
She overpowered them with her strength and character.
She gathered knignts from all around the globe,
and built an impenetrable fortress so strong,
across oceans, legends about her were sung.

She now knew she was mistaken
to believe them and their label
When all she was given was little tests
to build her strength.
And every road blocks she faced
they were leading her to this.
As she sat on her golden throne
Her thoughts drifted off to all the tales she’d heard as a child.
And a beautiful thought crept up.
Maybe her purpose wasn’t to be rescued but to rescue someone else.


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